The Mask Series I – VII Part I

This series started back my senior year of college (2007), and the first three are called Addition of the Supposed Self.   The series is read from right to left.

masks 123

The first three are about trying on who you think you are, or putting on the masks that society gives you to wear, to see which one you would like to wear.


These two are The Struggle to Find the Self and were finished up in the Honors Portfolio class I took after graduating college (2007).  I was trying to take off the masks that society and self place on the individual.


This one was created after college (2010) while I was working at a job I pretty much loathed and is called The Denial of Self.   Sorry for the poor picture quality on this one…I am still having trouble getting good pictures when the shadows are so deep.   The figure in this is turned away from the light, kind of curled into herself holding the mask.   She is denying herself meanwhile clutching the mask see so hates.

    Acceptance of self new pic

This one is The Acceptance of Self (2010).   She is accepting herself, how she looks, how she acts, everything about herself she is accepting so that when she is ready she might move on.

There is one more painting to this series that is in the works right now and shall soon be done.   It is called The Creation of Self.


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