Dreamscapes: Dimensional Doorways I-III

These three paintings are from a dream I had, each panel following the other as I went on this journey across space and dimensions.   Each panel is Oil on Canvas and 50 1/4″ x 24 1/4″.


   “It pulled me in, tempting me with fear and chaos; to revel in all that was anger and dark, in a wish to dominate all that was Light, Love, and Joy.   I pulled back.   It was the wrong path.”


“There was only Light, and Love, and Joy.   A sense of the divine that felt like everything at once, but nothing in particular.   There was peace there, but adventure too.   I caught a glimpse of the net, a shimmering tapestry of life itself, too vast to catch all at once.   I could only ride it.   And be of Light.”

Dreamscapes: Dimensional Doorway III Oil on Canvas

   “I am me but not me.   I am him, but could feel myself as me, and I could feel myself as him as well.   I was on an adventure to another dimension, experiencing something that would change me to my core, to move past preconceptions of possibilities to infinite reality.”


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