Dreamscapes: Awakening

This painting was in response to a dream I had of a very large sunrise with shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, with multicolored lightening in the sky; many people were watching, but they were not afraid, they were apprehensive yet excited for it all to start..   The funny thing about this dream and painting was that a few months after I had completed it, I read in one of Dolores Cannon’s books a similar dream or memory that someone else had had.   And this last First Friday in Denver on Sante Fe (which is one of the Art Districts in Denver), I had a man tell me that this painting was something very similar to the first body painting that was ever painted on him.

Dreamscapes: Awakening

Dreamscapes: Awakening

                                                         This painting is oil on canvas and is about 2′ x 3′.

                                                                                  and was painted in 2102


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