The Pacific

This charcoal piece here is a gift/commission for my mother’s boyfriend.   I did not know what to get or make him as this past Christmas I made it my goal to make as many presents as possible…so he received two Gift Certificates for any type of art, style, medium, or size from me.

It has been a very long since I have done a finished piece in charcoal…years actually…but considering that, I think it turned out pretty good!   Looking at it now after having finished it a few days ago, I see where I made mistakes and could improve.  I actually enjoyed working on this (charcoal has always been one of my least favorite mediums) and plan and will do more charcoal.

This picture is from the opening credits on The Pacific where there is a hand drawing portraits with charcoal.   So obviously this picture is not of my original creation, I just merely interpreted (or I guess you could say copied, but considering the nature of charcoal, an exact copy is not possible) it from an already existing piece.

The Pacific


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