This past First Friday on Sante Fe (which is one of the art districts) here in good ole’ Denver, I took those 25 small works on paper and handed them out to any who asked about the Free the Art sign I was carrying or had an interesting conversation with.   It was pretty cold here in Denver that week, sometimes below zero, so not many people were out and about, but I managed to give most of the works away.

I wrapped each present in brown shipping paper (which is what I had around),a random selection of ribbon and string (also stuff I had around), and a quick santa bag I made, bundled up with my Stephen and set out to give away art.

     25 presents      25 p bag

Number 4 2013 Steve Avila number8 steve avila 11 6 7 9 5 3 copy 2 copy 1 copy Number 12 Number 13 Number 14 15 16 17 19 18 Number 20 number 21 24 23 22 25 Number 10 2013

Everyone that opened there gifts while Steve and I were present said that they loved them! That makes me incredibly happy!

And here I am at Studio One with the awesome Tabetha Landt Hastings (photos courtesy of Tabetha) and one of the artist there.   I did not document who I gave the art to, but Tabetha did get two pictures.   I am the one all bundled up, with several layers on each section of my body.

Tabetha and Art Santa      Monic and Art Santa


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