This multiple panel piece was done for Posey Girl flower shop located in Wheat Ridge here in beautiful Colorado for Valentine’s Day.   It is meant to hang on wires or other such things and is movable so you may arrange it any way you wish.   I hemmed the edges (I got to combine sewing and painting!) and the top was stiffened so that it hangs over the wires nicely and there are small velcro patches sewn on the back so it stays in place.   I kept the canvas raw on the face so it looked more natural and each piece is about 18″ x 16″.

The first photo is how I hang the raw canvas then applied clear gesso to stiffen it and the second photo is the velcro that I applied to keep the pieces in place.

love hanging way    love back velcro

Here are the individual letters on the raw canvas.   Not having primed the canvas before I applied the the red paint, the fabric started to pucker, so I had to iron it down a few times.

Love L          love O

love V              love E

And here is the piece all together hanging on a wall that is covered in plastic so I don’t get paint on the wall.

love full home pic

And here is how it looks up on the wall at Posey Girl Flowers.

love posey final


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