Seeking Cohesion

I have given myself a challenge and that challenge is to create a painting a month for twelve months…this is January’s painting.   It is acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, and is 18″ x 22″ x 1″, though I did not build this stretcher frame: another part of the challenge, which carries over from the previous years, is to use what I have around or what I acquire free as much as I can, which means I have to use the pre-made frames I bought in college and removing old paintings from their frames and reusing them.   Never fear though, for I have a plan for all of those old paintings that I will be removing from their frames.

This and probably most of the paintings of the next eleven months will be geometric in nature, much like the small works on paper I did last year though that is not for certain.

Seeking Cohesion


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