Worlds Within Worlds

The above title is for one of the photographs below, as I could not think of a good title for the post itself. ^_^   Silly I know, but that is okay.

On a few other notes, before I get to the photos, I have some good news.   I will be at 802 on Sante Fe in Denver Colorado for the July First Friday, showing a few things, a hodge podge really, of paintings, photos, water bottle slings, and cards.   I now have some handmade cards on consignment at a local flower shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado AND I have sold a few things from Organarchygear, my etsy store.   Oh, and I have a commission!   All of these photos are available as prints on Fine Art America.

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life

Worlds Within Worlds

  Worlds within Worlds

Form in Nature I & II

  Form in Nature           Form in Nature II


  Pathways small

A Single Drop

   small drop

Milkweed I, II, & III

milkweed 1 small       Milkweed 2 small       Milkweed 3 small

Foggy Morning I & II

Foggy Morning II                 Foggy Morning View Small


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