June Commission

Alas! There is no new painting, it is still in the works, but we did have a June commission, that was taken at the end of June, and was not finished until early this week.

Interestingly enough, this commission was taken off of Craigslist, and the ad said he wanted an artist to either photograph or draw him nude to celebrate a big birthday.   I replied and and he liked my work, and we meet before we started working together to see  if we were both normal people just doing our thing.   It turned out we were both normal people just doing our thing and a few weeks later he had two nude figure portraits of himself.   The commission was for one artwork, but I wanted to do the back as well, so I did.   I was given permission to use them in my portfolio online.

These are about 12in by 10in, I didn’t get exact measurements for some reason before I let it go, and they are acrylic and pencil on watercolor board.   I do know, that through doing these two small paintings, that I seriously need to work on painting nature.   I think I did the trees well, but the grass needs some work!

I am glad I did this.   It was a good experience.



detail1front                    detail2front


back small



On another note, I will be a vendor at the 2014 Garden Party at the Country Fair Garden Center at 17201 W. 64th Avenue in Arvada 80002 and I will again be a displaying artist at Pancakes and Booze happening on October 10th at City Hall 1144 Broadway in Denver.

P and B


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