Sun Visions – The Gauntlet

Ah!   It has been a little while since my last post.   I am sorry about that, though in my defense, I have been creating quite a bit.   This painting is oil on canvas, and is 24″ x 4o”.   I normally make my own stretcher frames, but with this little series I have been doing, I have been painting so fast that making my own frames would just take too long.

The idea with these paintings is to work quickly as to not plan out the painting too much.   Problems I have had with previous paintings, series especially, is that I plan it all out too much, which sometimes zaps the enthusiasm out of the idea.   The titles are based upon the emotions I have while painting, and with this particular painting, I went through a slue of emotions, from optimistic, sure footed, and ecstatic, to chaotic, indecision, and self loathing.

The Gauntlet smaller


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