Sun Visions – Tension

Happy Holidays All!   I hope everyone is able to enjoy the Holidays with loved ones.   The Holidays are a little weird for me this year as it is the first time in twelve years that I am not working food or meat retail, but the extra time has been nice, even if I could use the money.   My spiritual health should come first because through that everything else flows.   And I guess these Sun Vision paintings are a way to really get to the bare bones of my spiritual growth as they help me to reexamine certain concepts in the theory of living that I still carry with me.

I have been feeling really melancholy and tense lately.   And super stressed.   Stressed about lots of things, but what it really boils down to is stressed about how our society carries on in the way it does.   Now this little oil painting was quick, but carried with it certain raw emotions for me that visualize how things seep in to the cracks of our spiritual lives.

Sun Visions – Tension

Oil on Canvas

18″ x 24″

large tensions SV copy


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