The December Project 2015

My computer went kaput a while ago and I was never able to fully share The December Project from 2015 until now.   These were incredibly fun to work on and like the coloring book craze going around, these lent themselves to the meditative.   I had all sorts of thoughts swirling around my head and while some of them were irritating, it was nice to be able to have that energy while I was working and in the work itself.    What I also enjoy about these pieces is the fact that there is no right or wrong way to display them.   It is left entirely up to whoever ends up with it.

Like the previous December Project, a good many of these were given to strangers around the Denver area and there is a story for one of them as well.   I received  a message on KTag Studios Facebook page from a lady in Colorado Springs who had found one on a bus.   She had contacted me to see if she could find the owner and  told her I had given them out to random strangers who in turn may do anything they wish with it, such as keep it, re-gift it as it had been gifted to them, or just leave it anywhere, so I had no idea who had received the piece she had or what they had decided to do with it.  I said that the piece was now hers to do with as she pleased and she has it on her mantle as we speak.   It was a nice surprise to have that pop up because usually when I give them out, they disappear…I have no idea how the story plays out for the other pieces.



a3 (3)

a4 (4)

a5a (3)

a6 (4)


a8 (4)

a9 (3)

a11 (3)

a12 (4)




a16 (4)


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