The Practice of Introspection

The Practice of Introspection I-III

Colored Pencil On Paper



Number I is joy, maybe some tension, hesitation, but also the earning for new challenges and skills.   Expectations for the future sore.

   I have been finding it very difficult to talk about these little creations.   I actually have a really hard time discussing my own work.   The work is the discussion, the work is the essay.   Each one is a paragraph and needs no further extrapolation.  So I resist the need to explain the matter further.   I always have.      But maybe that resistance has been me refusing to define the art even to myself.   The art is so much more than the initial idea behind it; it is all of the feelings and energies that go into the creation of it.   But once that energy is out I do not want to discuss it anymore.   It is time to move on.

Karen, Tagstrom_The Practice of Introspection II

Number II is a cooling off, an awakening to the reality of the present situation, the vibrancy has dulled.

     But this energy keeps coming back, in thoughts and feelings that come unbidden.  Something will remind me of it and I will build up that energy of supreme dissatisfaction with how the whole thing played out.   I do not hate, but I have this constant amazement as to how humans can treat each other with such callous disregard.   These pieces are a mirror of my state of mind during the past 2016, which was an all around strange year regards to pretty much everything.   I do not want to cast stones or lay blame, but I would wish for understanding between peoples.   And the hope that perhaps one day, upon introspection, you will perhaps learn a lesson.

Karen, Tagstrom_The Practice of Introspection III1

 Number III is manic, bizarre, cornered, ecstatic and bone tired, on a trigger finger and ready to pop.

These pieces are everything and everything interconnected with everything else.   Not one thing is left out.  Not one.   All is given respect.



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