Sun Visions IIX


I find it incredibly difficult to talk about the Sun Vision pieces.   Like most abstract work, they represent some sort of emotion or concept, and in that vein, these pieces are the physical representation of my thought process and emotions that occur while I am creating the work.   There is no apparent rhyme or reason, just the flow of the paint, movement of the brush, and the erratic tide of thoughts and emotions.

   My thought process does not follow a straight line, it weaves in and out of concepts and feelings at will.   It blends and meshes, flowing parallel to another at one moment and then the next becoming it, making it something new.   For example, the idea of love seems pretty straight forward, but when life and reality are inserted into it, it becomes something else.   Love can become a kitschy concept, only available through what others have taught us love is; love can be used to tear or mend; or love, in the case of religion, can be used to promote community and good works, except when it is inconvenient to do so based on other concepts that flow and change around it.

We use these concepts to prove to others that our own thoughts and feelings are set in stone, but in reality, they are one on an infinite spectrum that blends with EVERYTHING else on that spectrum, and that spectrum is existence.



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