The December Project 2017/ 1-5

I’ve started The December Project a little early this year, but if I plan to do at least 50 of them, I guess I should start early.   With the exception of the first one which is about  4″x 3″, the rest will be around 2″ x 2″.   Like the Sun Vision pieces, these have no rhyme or reason in how they are put on paper, but their reason for existence is to be a gift for random strangers I encounter through the month of December.   In 2015  ended up gifting the pieces to servers at restaurants, a man I met in line at the theater, and to a few guests that stayed at the B+B where I was an Innkeeper, so I think I will continue in that vain.

These little pieces are a joy to work on and I love the thought that they are just out there doing whatever they are doing, with a little story to go along with them, and hopefully bringing a little delight to whomever receives them.


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