Gallery 1- Paintings

Sun Visions

A recent series of abstractions that are stream of conscious.



Dreamscapes are paintings that are inspired by dreams I have had.   The first three here are based on one dream with three parts.   You can visit the blog post here to read the writings for each section of the dream.

Dissolutions and Illuminations

These are not necessarily a series, but they do fit into a certain set of ideas that I work with on a regular basis, whether in art or with my spirit, such as recognizing the forces that compel us,  including ourselves, and then finding ourselves again and again.

The Mask Series

The Mask Series is about the search and the struggle to find one’s self.   In today’s world, we are bombarded with so much stimuli and distractions as well a philosophies (I was reading “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” at the time of the first painting) of a nature that say one can never truly be themselves but only expectations of what we think others think of us; and I was struggling with myself, not liking myself very much, but the series was a way of me working though it.

   This series reads from right to left as opposed to left to right.   The first three paintings of the series, Addition of the Supposed Self I – III, was about trying on masks not of my own creation, but all becoming ever more distorted; the next two, The Struggle to Find the Self IV – V, is about the struggle to tear of the masks of perception that we believe society places on us; the Denial of Self VI was the representation of my unwillingness to accept that I was not who I thought I was…that I was not truly in my self, but I was also accepting the fact that I could not continue to wear the masks that I believed society believed I should wear; and lastly Acceptance of Self, which was about I accepting myself, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and not being afraid of doing so.

 The Light Tree Series

The Light Tree Series is the idea facing the darkness and though facing the darkness both within and without we find freedom.













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