The Light Tree Series

The Light Tree Series began as a basic sketch in my print making class in college that developed into an etching and an another type of print that I can not recall the name of…I am pretty sure it is not mono print.   I made a few etchings with different colors and types of paint, but I have sold or given most of them away.

  Lighttrees_Etching_4_4_by_ladyrecluce   At_the_Wall_1___3_by_ladyrecluce

The next phase of the series, which was only really starting to develop into a series, is Into the Void I.   This painting is 4′ x 6′ and is oil on canvas stretches around a handmade stretcher frame.   This painting was done for my senior portfolio in college in 2007.


The next painting in the series was created as a gift for a co-worker who then returned it because her other half did not like it when he moved in.   I then gave it to my other half who loves it.   I have a hard time taking a good picture of this one because the shadows are so deep.   This is At the Wall II and is oil on canvas stretched around a handmade stretcher frame and 2′ x 3′.   This was also the only painting I painted in 2008 after graduating college  and working around the clock at work.

        At the Wall II copy

The next two were created together in 2009 around the end of the year.   This one, and I am sorry for the poor quality of the photo as I no longer have this one to take a better picture of, is Into the Void II, oil on canvas stretched around a handmade stretcher frame and is 2′ x 3′.   This one was sold at an auction to benefit a healing center up in Layfette, CO last year.



This on is At the Wall III and is oil on canvas stretched around a store bought stretcher frame.   It is 18″ x 39″.

At the wall III

There might be a few more in this series of paintings as I have some sketches that I would love to tun into paintings, but we will have to see.

Here is the story I wrote to go with the paintings:

The Light Tree Series

The world was once abundant with life and the color so vibrant it could take your breath away, but the people who lived there withdrew from reality and all of the wonders that could be achieved by hard work and perseverance.   Those wonders, both the natural and the man made, were on the verge of disappearing all together.   The people let the world fall into disrepair, thinking that somehow things would take care of themselves.   The cities fell into ruins, the technological marvels that had once made life easier were now a thing of legend, considered mystical, and only a select few in the hierarchy of that dark time were allowed the truth; the truth of knowledge.

  The people lived in fear of the world around them, never being able to explain the things that occurred in the natural world, nor the behavior of the people around them.   They were ruled by fear, hatred, the ones who gained power through force, and the belief that a mystical but unseen force was responsible for every action and thought that they took, and that they were not responsible.

Not far from what remained of civilization were trees, but these trees were no ordinary trees.   These trees bore no leaves, nor flowers, or fruit of any kind; they grew lights, lights that glowed yellow along paths that have long been unused.   These trees, considered other worldly or evil by the people, were remnants of a type of technology that time and war had all but destroyed all knowledge of.   These trees bore lights to guide travelers in the dark, they would never go out as long as the tree lived.   These trees grew along roads that lead out of the ruins, to gorges and cliffs that fell away into darkness and into the unknown.   Some spots on these cliffs had walls that stretched on for miles, walls that kept people in, though if one looked hard enough and long enough, one would find a ladder that lead up and out and into the unknown.   The unknown possibilities the humans have; the unknown physical world, the unknown personal world, the unknown self that was never allowed to discover it self, the unknown will to live and to love to live, and the unknown responsibilities that a conscious living demands.


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